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In this video we cover:

  • 3 supposedly "healthy drinks" that can impact blood sugar levels
  • How artificial sweeteners can impact the pancreas
  • How to use the missing ingredients found in the "Double C Remedy" to help stabilize blood sugar
  • Dr. Scott Saunders' simple 3-phase plan to help control blood sugar, naturally

Scott Saunders, MD
Medical & Nutrition Advisor

Disillusioned with the current state of affairs in modern healthcare, Dr. Saunders decided to leave the traditional world of medicine to start his own clinic in Santa Barbara county in California. He graduated from UCLA Medical School, but grew frustrated with "the system" which didn't allow much for alternative remedies - even though he knew they were more effective with less side effects. He is now the director of The Integrative Medicine Center of Santa Barbara, which balances conventional medicine with alternative healing modalities to achieve optimal wellness.

This blood sugar program contains over 100 pages full of proven tips, nutrition plans, exercises, natural remedies, and recipes to create a healing environment for your body. It includes Dr. Saunders' 3-phase plan...which drills down to the root causes of erratic blood sugar. It also contains the Low Blood Sugar Cookbook, the Carb-Counting Cheatsheet, and the Type 2 Grocery List, all bundled together. Gain instant digital ebook access to all these reports that come with our unconditional 365-day money back guarantee.

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